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2020 Toyota & Lexus Hybrid Model Gets Better Battery Warranty


Toyota is determined to make some improvement to their electric vehicles. The latest announcement will reveal what we can expect to see from the automaker in the near future as well as the warranty upgrades.

We got to see how the Toyota Mirai will look like and they have also teased the upcoming Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid model but what is more interesting is the battery warranty updates.

According to Toyota, the warranty will get a 25% bump in years and 50% jump in miles which means starting from 2020, the models will have 10 years/ 150,000 miles instead of 8 years / 100,000 miles which are now in line with what the California Air Resources Board requested.

These updates will be offered to all Toyota and Lexus hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles. These will include models like the Prius, RAV4 Hybrid, Mirai, ES, LS, UX and more.

Author:Michelle Kade

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