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2021 Audi A4: What’s New?


The 2021 Audi A4 will be coming in with some updates that fans would be very happy to hear about especially since it will include the performance of the Audi A4.

All 2021 four-cylinder models will now get the 12-volt mild-hybrid upgrade that will work as a generator for the engine to help improve fuel economy. On top of that, the engine will now also offer 12hp more than before which means the base 40 trim model will now be offering 201hp while the 45 trim models will be offering about 261hp.

All 40 models will also be getting the all-wheel drive as standard now. The Audi A4 40 will retail for $40,095 now while the top of the range Allroad model will retail for $45,595 now.

The A5 Sportback 40 model, on the other hand, will retail for $42,795 while the 45 will retail for $44,995.


Author:Michelle Kade

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