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2021 Ford Bronco: More Leaks Surfaces


At this point, we probably know most of the details about the upcoming Ford Bronco as more leaks surfaces online. The latest leaked image seems to show the Ford Bronco in its 2 Door and 4 Door guise.

The image of the four-door model seems to have been taken at the production line which makes people believe that this could actually be the real deal. Some people suspect that this could be the validation car used to test the line before production officially starts.

We also got a clearer look at the roof of the Ford Bronco which looks to be a cloth top here. The lighting elements for the Ford Bronco was also seen with LED strips and the huge Bronco badge in front.

As for the two-door model, the vehicle in the image looks to be the mockup version of the upcoming production model because it does not look like the vehicle has any interior as suggested by the blacked-out windows here.

The 2021 Ford Bronco is set to be unveiled this month.

Author:Michelle Kade

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