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2021 Honda Models Will Leave Diesel Fans Behind


Honda is looking to focus on offering more EV models in the future and they are starting off by taking out the diesel options from their Europe line-up.

The automaker announces thay they will stop selling diesel-powered vehicles in Europe by 2021 as they want to focus on hybrid and electric powertrain and setting the foal of electrifying all their models by 2025.

With the new EU emission standard and the slow decline in demand for diesel models, Honda felt that it was the right time to make the drastic change to their line. According to the new emission regulation, CO2 average of vehicles must drop to 95g/km for 95% of new cars sold in Europe which is a huge drop from the current regulation.

Some of Honda’s model like the CR-V has already decided to do away with the diesel engine and only offered the Hybrid option this time around.

Author:Michelle Kade

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