While the Infiniti Q70 does have a lot to offer now including the long list of rear wheel drive models but that will be changing soon as Infiniti reveal their plans to upgrade their models.

According to Infiniti, they are working on a new platform for their models to replace the Nissan FM platform that Nissan has been using since 2001. The new drive platform will be an electrified platform.

They also added that the platform would mean that the Infiniti models will have to ditch the rear wheel drive and come with an all-wheel drive instead. They added that all new products that they offer after 2021 will be electrified and will be in sync with their new platform.

We do not know what model will receive the upgrade first before most people seems to believe that the Infiniti Q70 will be the first model to be upgraded since the current model has been around since 2010.

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