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2022 Range Rover To Come With Hybrid, PHEV & EV Options


The Range Rover is all about looking luxurious but also ready to go on an adventure and the automaker is currently working on an all-new model.

Car Magazine has reported that the vehicle will come in 2022 and will come riding on the new MLA platform that was made to accommodate internal combustion engines, mild and plug-in hybrids, and full EV models.

There is not a whole lot of details right now but it was suggested that they might be looking to offer the entire engine lineup with some electric motors. The motors will then be paired diesel, straight-six or V8 engines.

While the vehicle will be all-new, we can expect the vehicle to come with a similar design as the Range Rover design is what defines it and it will take a lot to actually upgrade it to the point where the vehicle can still look new and familiar at the same time.

Author:Michelle Kade

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