Volkswagen will only be unveiling the 2022 Volkswagen Phaeton in a few years time but at least we get to see how the vehicle will look like when it does arrive based on the concept shown here.

Volkswagen took the covers off their new Volkswagen I.D. Vission concept which will be what the Phaeton will be based on when Volkswagen starts working on it. The vehicle will come in to compete with models like the Tesla Model S.

The vehicle will come in with an electric motor under the hood. The concept was fitted with a 111kWh lithium-ion battery that was connected to two motors. The front motor will offer about 101hp while the one in the back will offer about 201hp allowing the vehicle to go from 0-62mph in 6.3seconds.

It is estimated that the engine will offer about 413miles of range. Another key to note is that the concept looks great on the inside and out. Although we do not know much of it will actually make it to the production model.

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