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2022 Volvo All Fitted With Autonomous Tech


The lidar will be fitted on to Volvo’s production mode in the future as the automaker continues to prepare their vehicles for an autonomous future. According to the company, they will start installing the tech on their 2022 models with the Volvo XC90 is one of the first models to get the tech.

Volvo also releases a new image showing us how the lidar will look like on the vehicle. The lidar will be created by Luminar, the lidar tech company. Instead of fitting it on the bumper which is what we are used to seeing right now, Volvo’s design will fit the lidar on the roof.

It was reported that the lidar will be fitted with vehicles that we were given the SPA2 architecture which is also what the XC90 will be riding on. While the vehicle will have the necessary hardware, it won’t mean that they will be autonomous as the software might not be included and be ready by then.

Volvo added that they will b pushing out the update in the future for a fully autonomous highway driving called Highway Pilot that can be activated when it is safe to do so.

Author:Michelle Kade

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