Porsche and Audi have disclosed their plans to work together on a shared electric car platform. These automakers are hoping this move will help catapult their cars into the future.

The result of this collaboration will produce cars with new levels of electrification, digitalization and autonomy, as revealed by CarThrottle.

However, bear in mind that the cars produced will have a significant difference from one another, as revealed by Porsche chairman, Oliver Blume.

Rupert Stadler, Audi chairman, said that this is a mutually beneficial collaboration and that “the best brains of both companies will together set the technical course for the future. We are united by many shared values: above all, by our pursuit of the best solutions and the best offerings for our customers.”

That said, some folks are shocked upon hearing this news of a Porsche-Audi partnership as they claim that this sounds more like a forced move as eventually both these models will be competing against each other.

Some even doubted that these two automakers will be able to produce electric models based on the same platform but being distinctly different from each other.

Well, what do you think? Does a Porsche-Audi collaboration sounds like the right step into the future?

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