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Acura RLX: The End Is Near


The North American market will be saying goodbye to the Acura RLX soon as it was reported that Acura is looking to axe the vehicle once the 2020 model year is over.

While the vehicle will no longer be offered in the US, the RLX will continue to be offered in other markets under the Legend name. One of the reasons why the RXL was axed was probably because it did not actually perform that well compared to the other Acura models in the US.

While the RDX and MDX have been doing pretty well, Acura only named to sell 1019 units of the RLX for the full year last year. In 2018, the vehicle which received its refresh that year only sold 1931units. Despite the styling upgrade, it looks like people were just not interested in the sedan.

With numbers like that, it made sense that Acura would not want to continue with it much further and choose to axe it.

Author:Michelle Kade

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