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Alfa Romeo Geneva Model Will Not Be Quiet


Alfa Romeo will be heading to the Geneva Motor Show with a very loud vehicle if their new teaser is any indication.

The short clip posted on their twitter page showed the company logo and then the loud noise which is clear is the engine noise. Most people believe that it is most likely a V6 engine but people are still unsure of where this V6 engine is fitted on or if it is a new engine or an updated engine.

It was previously believed that Alfa Romeo will be working on turning the Tonale concept into a production model but since it is an electric model, we don’t think it is going to be that loud. That means this could be a Giulia model that will be sitting on top of the Quadrifoglio model or it could be a new concept that Alfa Romeo has just created to celebrate their 110th birthday celebration.

The Geneva Motor Show will be happening on the 3rd of March.

Author:Michelle Kade

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