Audi has not mentioned anything about showing off their upcoming new Audi A6 model at the Detroit Auto Show but new report does suggest that we could be seeing the vehicle at the end of this month after all.

Although the Audi A6 might skip Detroit, new reports are claiming that we might see the vehicle earlier than that. Remember the competition Audi had for the A6 where fans were asked to produce a video for the vehicle? Well, Audi ahs now added that the best six will be invited to experience the Audi A6 up close on the 15th of January.

While this does not guarantee that the rest of us will get to see the vehicle on that day, most people believe that Audi will be revealing the vehicle on the 15th for all to see. The shortlisted 6 will then be given about $18,104 to turn their ideas into a film. The film will have to be completed by the 12th of February and the three best video will be shown in Geneva.

Hopefully, more details will be released from now until then.

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