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Anthem Added To EA & Origin Access Vaults


Anthem is far from perfect but BioWare is still very committed to the game as they have just announced that the game will be added to the EA and Origin Access vaults.

According to the publisher, the standard edition will be accessible to all their EA Access and Origin Access Basic members while the Origin Access Premier members will have access to the Legion of Dawn edition.

The announcement was made just in time for the Cataclysm event which will be ending later this month.

Even if you have missed that, BioWare is revealed some of their post-launch plans for the game including a few more Freeplay events in the near future, cosmetics, missions, and more. Some of the plans have been pushed back as the developer continue to work on fixing the bugs but we should be seeing them arrive soon after that.

What do you think of Anthem so far? Do you think BioWare delivered?

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