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Apex Legends Evo Shield Will Stay For Good!


Fans were pretty happy with what the new Evo Shield brought into the game as part of the limited-time event. Well, the good news is that the Apex Legends Evo Shield will be staying.

With the Apex Legends’ System Override Event now ending, the developer has announced that the Evo Shields will be staying for good. This item was first offered as the Deja Loot LTE but now, the item can be found in Ranked, quick-play mode Play Apex and the future limited-time mode.

The Evo Shields armor starts off very weak but grows stronger as the players deal damage to enemies so players can work to upgrade the shield. The best part of it all is that the progress will remain after the player drops it so other players could come across a full-upgraded shield on the battlefield or a weak one.

Of course, Apex Legends fans can also look forward to getting a more limited-time event that should be coming very soon.

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