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Apex Legends: More Robot Joining?


The latest tweet from Apex Legends had their fans scratching their head as some speculate that there might be a new robot joining the game.

The latest tweet from Apex Legends’ official page came with a GIF that reference a simulacrum, a robotic soldier from the Titanfall game. In the other game, the simulacrum is a robotic soldier that is fitted with human minds created by Vinson Dynamics and Hammond Robotics.

The mind comes with personalities and memories so the new character could still have some interesting story and lore to offer. In the GIF, we are shown a model helmet and there was mention of a Trail 7578 suggesting that three subjects were uploaded to the unit but the last one went hysterical.

Revenant is also a simulacrum and was created by Hammond Robotics to be a killing machine. This is one of the rare occasions where Titanfall universe was hinted in Apex Legends so it will be interesting to see how things developed from here.

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