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Apex Legends: PS4 Players Can Now Play In Peace


The Old Ways update for Apex Legends on PS4 was riddled with bugs. One of the bugs that have been talked about most often is the one where the playlist sector would default to Trios after returning from Ranked game or after switching character.

After receiving so many reports from their fans, the developer, Respawn now has an update ready to fix the issue on PS4. This will not be the only thing that the Apex Legends update will be addressed. Other than fixin’ the bug, the update will also address the issue where the DPad/cursor menu controls no longer work after picking up loot.

It will also fix some of the crashes that players have been experiencing. The new patch is about 150MB so do make sure you get the update ready to go before you jump into your next Apex Legends game.

Season 4 will also be ending soon so hopefully, we get to learn more about Season 5.

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