Apple’s Mac Books have always been a specialty in the laptop industry. However, computers haven’t been selling well in the recent years and it has affected even Apple’s computers.

Many folks were not surprised to find out that the MacBook Air has been omitted from the upcoming lineup as this was a clear sign that the company wants to focus on a new line of MacBook Pro laptops.

However, up till today, there hasn’t been any official news on the replacement of the 13-inch MacBook Air. Word on the street is that Apple may be planning to give the Air range the ax.

This notion is further fueled up by reports on Apple reducing MacBook production by 16 percent this year. Aside that, it’s also becoming more obvious that Apple is pushing the sales of the iPad Pro by implementing vigorous ad campaigns.

Well, maybe it has no other choice. Apple has to kill off the MacBook Air to make way for more MacBook Pro and iPad Pro versions.

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