Since most new vehicles will come with Apple Car Play and Auto Android now, most people will assume that it will be a feature that will be offered for free on all models and all automakers but it looks like that is not the case for BMW owners.

Currently, BMW drivers that would like to get the Apple CarPlay can get it as an option for $300 but The Verge is now saying that BMW is looking to offer it as a yearly subscription service soon. Customers will get to enjoy the CarPlay for free the first year but they will have to pay $80 to renew the service every year.

According to BMW, they are doing this so that their customers can switch the device if needed as some people might go from Apple devices to Android device and added that customers would end up spending less if they do decide to switch from Apple to Android before the 5-year mark.

BMW has not made any official announcement yet so take it with a pinch of salt.

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