The Apple iOS 11.2 is the one that the Apple users have been waiting for not only because it will be bringing in the Pay Cash feature but also because it will come with some other updates that will improve the overall performance of the iPhone.

MacRumors reported that the iOS 11.2 update will also bring in the wireless charging upgrade which means the charging speed will go from 5W to 7.5W. It was also reported that the wireless charging will work with any Qi charger so you don’t really have to get the Apple wireless charger.

Right now, only the beta version of the iOS 11.2 has been released and we still do not know when the update will be released to the public but it is estimated that we might only be weeks away from the update.

We are also still waiting for Apple to release their newly announced Apple AirPower mat which will allow users to charge all their devices all in one go.

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