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Apple iOS 13.0 A No Go For Fortnite Mobile Players


If you enjoy playing your battle royales games like PUBG and Fortnite on your iPhone, you might want to hold off from updating to the latest iOS 13.0 just yet.

It was reported that the latest iOS 13.0 might still have a few more bugs that need fixing with one of the bugs was caused by the new three-finger press-and-hold gesture which was added for texting convenience but that has been getting in the way for touch-based shooter games.

Since players need to use two fingers to move the character and third to do the other function, players have reported that the text editing bar will pop up mid-game and ruin the fun for many.

It was later reported that the next iOS 13.1 update from Apple will fix the issue so those that already update will have to bear with it a little longer. As for those that have not updated their iPhone, you might want to wait a little longer before doing so.

Author:Michelle Kade

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