One of the issue with Apple and their operating system is that they have iOS and macOS and developers that want to develop for all Apple product will have to develop for both iOS and macOS separately.

However, that might change soon as new reports claim that Apple might be working on a new tool that will allow their developer to develop a universal application that will work for both the Apple iPhone, iPad and the MacBook.

With the tool, apps that work on the iPhone will also work equally well on the MacBook Pro and Apple iPad and the same goes the other way.

In fact, Apple is not the only one working towards that as we know that Google is also trying to merge their Android with ChromeOS.

This should help the developers save more money since they don’t need to own all the devices to develop for it. At this point, nobody knows when the tool will be ready for use but it is something that the developers should be looking forward to.

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