Back in 2012, Apple released the iPad 4 and this became the first device from the tech giant to come equipped with the Lightning port. For that time, the iPad 4 was a stellar device but it has been five years since then and it looks like Apple has run out of iPad 4 units.

This means, if you have a broken iPad 4, you won’t be able to receive a replacement device. However, recent reports reveal that Apple will be substituting it with a 2014 Apple iPad Air 2, instad.

Based on a leaked internal memo from the company, it states that, “Starting March 30th, iPad 4th generation whole unit repairs may be substituted to iPad Air 2.”

This is, definitely, great news as moving from an iPad 4 to the iPad Air 2 should be seen as an upgrade. The latter iPad was the flagship device in 2014 and it runs on Apple A8X mated to a 2GB RAM.

Aside that, the iPad Air 2 sports a 9.7-inch screen with 1536 c 2048 resolution and it is fitted with a 7,340mAh battery. Meanwhile, the back camera measures at 8MP while the front camera sits at 1.2MP.

So, if there’s a broken iPad 4 lying around in your house, it’s time for a much needed upgrade!

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