Although it is over one year old now, the iPhone 6s is still a reliable device. If the $599 iPhone 7 is slightly out of your budget, you could always opt for the iPhone 6s at only $499.

The iPhone 6s may not come with a black finishing version like the latest iPhone but it still comes in four pretty colors: silver, gray, gold and pink.

As it measures at 5.5-inches, the iPhone 6s is comfortable enough to sit snugly in your palm for a long time but it does lack in water resistance capabilities, unlike the iPhone 7.

That said, the iPhone 6s comes with a headphone jack which the latest iPhone doesn’t have, as well as the Retina screen which is still pretty sharp and delivers realistic looking pictures. It may not have the same wide color gamut of the newest iPhone, but it is still gorgeous.

The all-new iOS 10 has really elevated the iPhone 6s and Apple’s A9 processor is still very dependable. Aside that, the device’s battery is capable of lasting over a day and a half with normal usage.

Of course, the iPhone 7 has a top-notch camera, the new 12MP iSight camera but the iPhone 6s’s 12MP rear-camera and 5MP selfie-snapper is still good for producing stunning images.

Well, the iPhone 6s is a great option but it will only be of better value than the iPhone 7 if it comes with a good discount – that won’t be hard as it is last year’s device.

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