Apple released the latest iOS 11.3 update not too long ago and soon after that, some iPhone 7 users started reporting that they are experiencing some issue with their microphone.

According to the reports, some users are saying that they are can’t be heard by the other party when making phone calls or using FaceTime. As you can image, this is a huge issue for them.

Although Apple has not announced anything yet, it is believed that Apple is now well aware of the issue and is most likely working to get it fix as soon as possible. 9to5Mac also reported that Apple may offer to fix or replace the out-of-warranty devices for free.

While we wait for a fix from Apple, 9to5Mac has offered a few troubleshooting options for the iPhone 7 users to try. This is not the first time an iOS 11 update has caused issues for the fans. Let’s hope this will be the last of it.

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