While the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has stolen all the headlines when it comes to exploding batteries, there have also been cases of the Apple iPhone 6 and 6s encountering the same issue. Theirs is just not as widespread as the Note 7.

According to UK’s Express, there had been eight reports of the iPhone 6/s exploding in just days following the revelation of battery performance issues with the 6s.

But now that Apple has reported improvements in battery life for its devices since iOS 10.2.1 rolled out, it’s likely that we won’t be seeing any more cases of spontaneous combustion anymore. Except that’s not true.

It has just been reported that the iPhone 7 Plus is not immune to blowing up on its own, as the unit belonging to a certain Brianna Olivas decided to go with a bang. The day prior to the phone’s demise, Olivas found that it couldn’t turn on, and so she took it to Sprint to see what’s up.

According to Phone Arena, the Sprint employee that managed to get the device to turn on found that it looked funny, but after running a diagnostics check he concluded that it was fine. But Olivas would find out the next day that that wasn’t the case.

She claimed that she was asleep with the iPhone 7 Plus charging next to her head (using Apple’s official charger), so her boyfriend took the phone and placed in on the dresser. Soon after, when he came out of the restroom, he saw that it was squealing and sizzling. Then he promptly grabbed it and tossed it into the bathroom where it exploded.

It looks like the iPhone 6 and 6s aren’t the only ones with kamikaze tendencies alongside the discontinued Galaxy Note 7. Would be safe to assume that there will be more cases of the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus blowing up in the weeks to come?

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