If you are looking to jailbreak your device, you will need to stay away from the Apple iPhone iOS 10.3.3 since the update was released to make sure their users could not jailbreak their device.

After Jonathan Levin reveals that the iOS 10.3.2 had a vulnerability, Apple quickly responded with the iOS 10.3.3 update which will come with the loop hole plug so chances of it getting jailbroken are close to impossible now. Soon after the new iOS update was released Jonathan Levin announced that those looking to jailbreak their device might want to downgrade to the iOS 10.3.2.

While there is no jailbreak for Apple iPhone 10.3.2 right now, his comment does suggest that a jailbreak might be close. We are hoping that there will be more information soon but while waiting, jailbreakers could start downgraded their iPhone and iPad so that they can jailbreak it the moment it is ready.

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