If you plan to get the new Apple iPhone X, you might want to consider getting their protection plan as well. No, we are not saying that the new iPhone X is going to break down easier than the rest but Apple did raise the prices for repairs which means if you do break the device and does not have the protection plan, you will need to pay a lot more to get it fixed this time.

Apple has released the new repair pricing for their Apple iPhone X. To get the screen fixed, you will need to pay up to $279. Other damages to the phone might cost you as much as $549. A hike from what Apple was asking for last year.

However, with the protection plan, you will only need to pay $29 for a damaged display and $99 for other damages. The AppleCare+ will cost you $199 for 2 years. Would you take the risk of not buying the protection plan or would you rather just pay for it and get a discounted repair price if something does happen to your device?

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