Apple has been working hard to improve the Apple Maps but compared to the others out there, the Apple Maps is still lacking behind but Apple is looking to change that by giving the Apple Maps a full makeover.

According to Apple, the Apple Maps will be rebuilt from the ground up and that includes dispatching a fleet of vehicles with sensors and camera to get more first-party mapping data.

Previously, Apple had only relied on third-party data to create their maps and that was clearly not enough. Apple also plans to use data from their iPhone to gain additional information like ground cover, foliage, pools and pedestrian pathways.

Apple will be rolling out this new data to Apple Maps in the next few months with San Francisco being one of the first to get it. Apple users have been waiting for Apple to revamp their Map for the longest time and it looks like Apple is finally giving them what they want.

Whether it will be good enough to compete with rivals like Google Maps can only be determined later.

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