In our day and age, smartphones play a huge role in our lives and so, it goes without saying that it’s crucial that our devices have adequate battery supply to last us throughout our daily needs.

Although the iPhone 7 promises great battery life, there are times when you just need to recharge your device in a matter of minutes while rushing from point A to point B.

Well, if you’re wondering how to get your iPhone from empty to fully charged in about five minutes, you’re in luck – thanks to the dedicated folks over at Business Insider.

How To Charge Your iPhone Real Quick

1. It’s best that you use an iPad wall charger as this is the device that transfers electricity quickly compared to other charging devices.
2. When your iPhone is plugged in to charge, refuse all urges to turn the display on – even if its just to look at the time.
3. Enable Flight Mode during charging and when the iPhone is completely charged, enable Low Power Mode via Settings.
4. Push Notifications should be turned off when charging as these are notorious battery drainers for your iPhone.

Give these tips a shot today and let us know how quickly your iPhone reached fully charged!

P/S: These tips can be used for all iPhones.

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