There’s no doubt that Apple’s existing flagship device is still reigning as the best-seller for the company. However, many who had eyed the device changed their minds on making the purchase as the device came with a pretty hefty price tag at $749.99.

If you were one of those folks, we have great news for you as eBay is currently selling the device at almost 25 percent off the initial price.

The iPhone 7 Plus is now going for $569.99 for a 32GB black model and buyers will also be getting a complete Apple warranty.

The Apple warranty covers for at least five months and buyers will also be eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee from the site if the device isn’t up to satisfactory level.

The eBay seller stated that the iPhone “has been professionally restored to working order by a Carrier-approved vendor. This means the product has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications. Device will show signs of wear like scratches, scuffs, and minor dents.”

Bear in mind that this particular device works with GSM networks and so, it will not work with Sprint, Verizon or US Cellular. However, it shouldn’t have any problems with other US carriers.

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