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Aston Martin To Show Off New Mirror At CES


We will be seeing a few automakers stepping foot inside CES grounds this year with one of them being Aston Martin as the automaker announced that they have a new tech to show off.

Working with Gentax, Aston Martin will be showing off their digital rearview mirror that will show off videos from three different cameras. The mirror was made and installed on the DBS Superleggera right now.

The camera will be fitted to the roof and the side mirrors to give the driver a much clear idea of what is going on around it. Although we have seen some new models come with the digital side mirror, some people still feel more secure having an actual side mirror because of those work no matter what while with the camera, there is already a chance that it would malfunction stopping to the driver to check out his surroundings.

Author:Michelle Kade

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