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Audi A5 Sportback At The End Of The Line?


Audi did make it clear that they wanted to cut down on their offering as they feel that they have too many things going on right now. At that time, it was suggested that they will only focus on a few key projects.

One of the models that were removed from their lineup was the TT but Audi is not done yet as it was suggested that the A5 Sportback could be the next model to get taken out from the lineup as well since Audi was already going to offer a redesign A7 Sportback model and are working on the next-gen A4.

Overall, the A4 lineup seems to be doing much better than the A5 so it made sense that they would want to focus more on the A4 while keeping things simple over the side of the A5.

Of course, Audi has not made any official announcement yet but if the A5 Sportback really was on the chopping block, would you be upset to see it go?

Author:Michelle Kade

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