After the whole Volkswagen diesel cheating scandal, we all thought that that would be the end of it but that is not the case as Audi was caught cheating once more.

According to Germany’s transport ministry, the KBA automotive watchdog has detected that Audi might be using the emission control software on their latest diesel model and is asking for a recall for those vehicles.

A total of 127,000 units of Audi vehicles will be recalled along with one Volkswagen model. It is said that Audi is required to respond to KBA on how they plan to update the software of their vehicle to make sure the emission control cannot be manipulated anymore by the 2nd of February. We have not heard from Audi yet.

These newly affected models will join the other 850,000 diesel models that were recalled in July. Those models were fitted with the V6 and V8 TDI engine.

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