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Audi Infotainment System Gets Another Update


Audi has been working hard to update their infotainment system and another upgrade will be coming in soon that will bring in a few extra features.

The updated infotainment system is called MIB 3 which standard for “modular infotainment toolkit” and the three is the third iteration. On-screen, it will look about the same but according to Audi, it will come with a new set of hardware that Audi claim is 10 times faster than the previous version.

One new feature is the Function on Demand feature. It was added that Audi will be offering up features for purchase on its infotainment system. One feature that will be offered is the one where users can keep listening to their local radio station even when they are out of range. he system will switch from the normal radio wave to a streaming station on the internet.

Other details like the prices of these features will be released later on. The new infotainment system is expected to arrive with 2021 Audi models.

Author:Michelle Kade

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