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Battleborn Won’t Even Be Playable After Shut Down


Battleborn was released three years ago and about a year after it was released, the game was offered as a free-to-play game which did help bring make the game a little more popular but it looks like the developer is ready to say goodbye to the game now.

2K Games announced that they will be shutting down the servers of the game in January 2021. The Publisher explained that they want to focus their efforts and resources on other projects.

While they wait for the day to come, they will still be offering updates for the game when necessary which means fans will still have about a year or so to play the game before it ends. It was added that once the server shuts down, the game will not be playable at all. As for the game, they will stop selling the digital form now while the Platinum currency in the game will not be purchasable starting from the 24th of February next year.

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