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Battlefield Game Lives On In New Consoles


EA is far from ready to say goodbye to their Battlefield franchise yet as they confirm that a new Battlefield game will be coming in 2020.

According to EA, the new game is already in development and that the game will be released on the next-gen consoles as well. While we do not know anything about the new game right now, they did set March 2022 as the targeted release date.

So far, nothing has been released yet but they did tease that the new title will have some new innovations that were made possible with the next-gen platforms. They explained that they want to release the new game on the new console so that they can make use of the large install base of the new console has.

While we wait for the new game to arrive, EA will continue to support the current Battlefield V with new content. The next update will be happening at the end of this month and it will come with two new maps, new weapons, vehicles and more updates.

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