While most automakers have more or less talked about their EV plans for the future, we have not heard much from Bentley which is probably why most people are not expecting to see any EV coming from Bentley anytime soon but according to Bentley, the full electric model might be closer than we think.

According to Stefan Sielaff, the lead designer for Bentley, he is convinced that Bentley will be working on a full electric model. He added that it will happen not far in the future.

He did not reveal any more details but most people believe that the first full electric vehicle from Bentley is going to be a four-door coupe model. He also suggests that the vehicle will have with a completely new design that is unlike what we have seen from Bentley so far.

While that is not much to chew on, at least we know that a Bentley badge full electric vehicle is not that far away.

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