Bethesda has been growing in popularity lately and so, it makes perfect sense that the studio is growing in size. Previously, the company consisted of a fairly small team but now it has a bigger team, according to Gaming Bolt.

Based on the figures given by Bethesda’s Todd Howard, the studio currently has 180 employees and they are planning to grow even bigger. Apparently, Bethesda has 28 job openings displayed on their official website; this implies that the studio is working to double its team.

Most folks seem to think that this could be Bethesda’s way of preparing to speed up the development for the Elder Scrolls 6. But there is also the possibility that the company may be working on a Skyrim sequel.

However, Bethesda is currently working on a total of seven games that will be launched in the near future, so this expansion seems like a required move in order for the company to stay on schedule.

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