The Elder Scrolls series is one of the most popular RPG names in the gaming industry and it is easy to understand why. Every Elder Scrolls title offers long gameplay hours and a massive land area thus making it an ultimately satisfying RPG franchise.

The only problem with this is that it is has been a long while since Bethesda brought out a brand new sequel for Elder Scrolls, Skyrim and little have been mentioned on Elder Scrolls 6. A couple of years ago, Bethesda said that they have not started anything with Elder Scrolls 6 and this means that the sequel will miss the series release pattern.

But then again, things may have made progress along the way and this is suggested by the cryptic photo of Bethesdaland above. Bethesda has this habit of teasing on future titles through cryptic images and the photo above saw characters and elements from the Elder Scrolls Series.

The image is made to tease on E3 2017, which is scheduled to happen next month, hence restoring the hopes for Elder Scrolls 6 announcement to happen. But of course, we prefer to take it with a grain of salt as the disappointment that comes from hoping too much is unbearable.

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