You might want to start looking for a Blackberry Priv replacement now that Blackberry has delivered their fans the bad news.

According to Blackberry, the Priv will no longer be getting monthly security updates from them. To make up for their fans, Blackberry will still be offering a trade-up program so that their Priv owners can upgrade to another Blackberry smartphone easily.

The program will also be offered to the other Blackberry device holder as well. After two years of being in the market, we can’t stay that the fans were really surprised. At the end of the day, the Blackberry Priv is still a solid device and we are sure that a lot of owners will continue to hold on to it even though the upgrades will not be coming.

Even without the upgrade, the Priv Is still a secure device and Blackberry is confident that it is secure enough at this stage.

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