Blade Runner is one of the reasons why Harrison Ford’s career retained its upward trajectory after the success of Star Wars. He’s back for the sequel scheduled for a 2018 release, and Ryan Gosling will star alongside Ford for one of the most acclaimed cult-status dystopian films today.

While Ridley Scott does not return as the director, his influence remains as a producer and writer. Rest assured that the script is his.

But taking over from Scott is the mastermind of Sicario, Denis Vileneuve, whose work on the taut and tense drug cartel thriller promises us the gritty sci-fi is safe with him at the helm.

What remains a question mark is how Ryan Gosling will carry the film once Harrison Ford bows out after this film. As Gosling takes over the lead role henceforth, and we’re certain that his quiet charm – which made the film Drive such a success – will be the focus of the sequels to follow.

Blade Runner 2 will officially land on silver screens on January 12 2018.

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