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Bleeding Edge New Playable Character Added


Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge game will be getting a new character soon as the developer drop some additional details on the new character. Here is what we know right now.

Mekko is a dolphin piloting a mech which will be added to the game the update for the game arrives on the 27th of April. Mekko was supposed to be added earlier but was delayed as the team worked on some of the reported issues.

The new character is able to connect a lifeline to an enemy an absorb a percentage of its damage that is aimed at them. Mekko can also grant allies armor and lifesteal while its supers can hit enemies with huge sonic blast or trap them inside a bubble so that they can’t attack anymore.

The new update will also bring some new unlockable emotes for the fighters. Bleeding Edge is currently available on both PC and Xbox One.

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