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BMW 4 Series Convertible Huge Kidney Grille On Display


We are still not sure of the new huge kidney grille on the BMW 4 Series Convertible but BMW is surely giving it to us bit by bit as spies spotted the convertible version of the 4 Series getting tested out in the open.

The vehicle was spotted without any camo on its grille so we get a clear view of what the grille will look like when it arrives. We can also see the soft top, strakes, and vents in the lower front fascia and more.

The vehicle was also fitted with production versions of the lights. In the back, the vehicle is fitted with blocky exhaust tips similar to the one seen on the M340i. What can also be seen is the blue brake calipers.

From what we can see now, the convertible looks very finished and close to done so an official reveal might not be too far away but with the pandemic going on right now, we will have to wait and see if the reveal will be online or an event.

Author:Michelle Kade

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