The BMW 6-Series was a car that was made to be the sleeker coupe alternative for the 5-Series. Despite getting positive response from the public, the 6-Series was unable to survive on the market due to poor sales.

Not many are aware of this but BMW quietly pulled the 6-Series out of their inventory a couple of years ago. BMW then started promoting the 4-Series to take the attention away from the discontinued 6-Series.

The move has apparently paid off for BMW as the 4-Series has been consistently growing in numbers. The car is now viewed as one of the most popular luxury coupe around and it has motivated BMW to further expand their line-up.

Soon, a new coupe will be sold alongside the 4-Series and it is the 8-Series. The latter will be an extremely luxurious vehicle that is based on the 7-Series. Are you excited?

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