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BMW i3 Urban Suite Will Be Extremely Limited


BMW was not only showing off new concepts at CES this but they also brought an actual production model, a special version of their i3s.

Called the BMW i3 Urban Suite, the vehicle is said to be the “ambiance of a boutique hotel” with a unique interior that will give the driver and passenger a feeling like they are in a hotel.

Some of the upgrades include a lounge chair that will now replace the rear seat with matching footrest. There are also Sound Zones on the seat that is incorporated into the headrest. This will ensure that when the passenger makes a phone call, it won’t be overheard by the driver.

Other than that, it is also fitted with a wood table and a small lamp along with a clothes hanger and large storage tray. There is also a set of thermoelectric cup holders.

There will only be 20 units of these available.

Author:Michelle Kade

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