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BMW i3: Used Is The Way To Go?


The BMW i3 might not feel like the right choice for many when it was first released. With its limited range and high price tag, a lot of people just felt like it was not a good option but some people are now saying that getting a used BMW i3 might be the way to go.

With the BMW i3 being around for many years now, a lot of used models are available right now but not all are equal so which one should you get. The first batch of BMW i3 model came fitted with a 22.6kWh battery pack which will only offer about 80miles of range. Then in 2016, the vehicle was fitted with a 33kWh battery pack that allowed it to offer 120miles of range.

The latest option was the 42.2kWh battery option which offered about 165miles of range. Then there is the i3s which offers 181bhp, has a new set of weeks and wider rear track.

BMW also offered the REx in 2018 than extended the range of the i3 so it is clear that not all i3 are the same. If you are looking to own a used model do make sure you know which one you are getting and that it matches with your needs.

Author:Michelle Kade

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