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BMW i8: The End Is Near


We were expecting the day to come and BMW has now officially announced that they will be ending the production of the i8 after a six-year production run.

Available in both coupe and roadster models, both options will no longer be produced anymore. Since its released in 2014, the BMW i8 quickly arrived to become one of the beloved BMW models in the market.

Production is set to stop at the end of April 2020. As for whether the vehicle will actually be getting a direct successor or not, BMW has not mentioned anything yet but we do know that BMW will have a few more EV models to come in the future including the 2020 BMW i4 concept which will be faster than the BMW i8 but also have two times for range to offer.

Are you sad that it is time for the BMW i8 to go?

Author:Michelle Kade

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