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BMW iNext Design Could Be This?


We are expecting to see more EV models coming from BMW including the iNext which will be arriving soon. The BMW iNext production model will be based on the Vision iNext concept, so how will it look like?

Well, Magnus S. Mattulat seems to think that the BMW iNext could come in looking like this. The rendering showed a vehicle that has a more mainstream design which is nice since a few of BMW’s electric models come with a not so conventional design.

The vehicle will be fitted with a huge side window and slim B-pillar. There were rumors about the vehicle possibly being offered with an all-wheel-drive vehicle instead of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle which is something we have been seeing quite often from BMW.

It was also added that the vehicle could be offering about 350miles of range when it arrived which would put it in battle with the Tesla Model X.

Author:Michelle Kade

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