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BMW iX3 Will Not Turn Back On Grille


A lot of people had expressed their disgust over the new grille that BMW had on their concept. At that time, some people think that it will only be a concept thing and that the production models will come with something much more toned down but BMW has been showing their fans that they are not going to change the grille.

The latest spy shots of the BMW iX3 further confirmed the fact that the grille is here to say. The vehicle in the spy images looks very similar to what the concept has been offering. In the front sits the fully enclosed grille with blue accents and the bow-tie design.

Unlike the concept, this was not fitted with the gloss black body cladding. The new BMW iX3 is set to arrive later this year and will be coming in to compete with models like the Tesla Molde Y.

Author:Michelle Kade

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