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BMW Sticking With Design Decision


BMW has been trying to step out of the box with their future models by offering new models with their new design language and while there is no denying that these new design language does turn heads and is memorable, we are not sure if it is really doing so in a good way.

BMW’s new take on their iconic kidney grille had many confuse as instead of the subtle grille, what we are seeing now is taller, wider and bolder grille design that might make some of us cringe at the sight of it or love it to bits.

That is what BMW was aiming for when they worked on the design as they wanted a revolution and not an evolution. For now, we are not sure where we stand when it comes to their new design but we do commend them for being brave enough to take such a huge leap.

The Concept 4 Series Coupe will be base for the 4-Series model that will be coming out in 2020 after it makes an appearance at the Geneva Auto Show next year.

Author:Michelle Kade

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